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Posted on November 30, 2009


The University of Canberra National Institute of Sport Studies (UCNISS) is excited to announce the introduction of a new Honours degree,

Bachelor of Sport Studies (Honours). The Honours by manuscript is a unique honours experience that can enhance working in sport and exercise, prepare the ground for postgraduate study and help those with an ambition for a career in sport and exercise to learn more about the research environment. It is even an opportunity to advance your own sport of interest through research! The Bachelor of Sports Studies (Honours) adds to the UCNISS undergraduate and postgraduate pathways on offer. Become involved with staff and students excited about sport, exercise and research.

Generic spiel from UC website:

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The course aims to provide students with research opportunities and extra research skills needed in the sport and exercise workforce. The course aims to better prepare students for the workforce since understanding research can make up a large component of on-job requirements. Graduates will also be in a workplace position of understanding and utilising research opportunities to enhance their industry and generate income.

It provides a clear pathway for students keen to enrol in higher degree awards by research, and to prepare them to gain entry to these degrees by strengthening their knowledge and research skills through supervised independent study and research work. The aim is to induct groups of students into a research-rich culture.

Honours Structure

The Bachelor of Sport Studies (Honours) consists of research skills workshops, journal clubs, literature review, presentations and a manuscript. The manuscript forms the major assessment item. The manuscript must be constructed to meet the submission standards of a suitable peer reviewed journal. More information about the structure and assessment is contained in the Honours Handbook.

Canberra Capitals, 2009 WNBL Champions. Image by Ryan Wick

Funding and Scholarships

Honours is considered as an undergraduate level which enables Australian students to apply for government allowances (e.g. youth allowance/austudy). UCNISS is seeking to offer up to four $5,000 scholarships to high calibre Honours candidates. The University of Canberra also offers competitive scholarships to candidates. Other funding opportunities may exist for specific projects.

Research Projects

Candidates may take on existing research opportunities or negotiate their own ideas with a supervisor. Staff within UCNISS and their research interests are presented in the Honours Handbook and on individual staff members’ profiles. Currently UCNISS has strengths in leadership, exercise physiology, health, sport, performance analysis, management, motor control and development, ageing, media and coaching.

Start of 2009 U23 World Cross Country Mountain Bike Championships at Stromlo Forest Park, Canberra. Photo by Steve Bennett

Further Information

Further information regarding the Bachelor of Sports Studies (Honours) is available in the Honours Handbook (263k) and on the UCNISS website.

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