Finding a job in exercise and sports science

Posted on December 7, 2009


Where to find jobs in sport, exercise and health?

As a student in Exercise and Sports Science, at many levels, I was always on the lookout for jobs and never found it easy to find all the job opportunities easily. So what I decided to do was help others out, and compile a list of all useful job sites/resources that I am aware of. Bear in mind that many job opportunities are passed on by word of mouth and through mailing lists. So don’t be afraid to ask around and keep an eye on student noticeboards and online student learning environments (the University of Canberra uses Moodle).

There is a heavy exercise and sport science emphasis to my compilation.

Source Type and Comments
SportsPeople Australian Sports Job Agency Australian Sports Job Agency Australian Sports Job Agency, specifically relating to coaching jobs
Sport Employment Australia Australian Sports Job Agency
ACT Health Canberra based jobs in Health
Professional Organisations .
Australian Assoc. for Exercise and Sport Science (AAESS) Professional Body, focus on exercise physiology. Members receive job alerts by email and greater website access.
Fitness Australia Lots of jobs, mainly in the fitness industry.
Australian Sports Commission ASC is an Australian Government department, the jobs also link to jobs at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)
General .
Seek Online job search engine. Useful to setup email alerts for keywords. I use this and it works really well.
CareerOne As above
MyCareer As above
Science Alert – Sports Science Science Alert jobs using a Sport Science search
International .
European College of Sports Sciences European based, but some jobs advertised worldwide. Some great jobs!
SportScience A good little website for information, but for jobs, subscribe to the email alerts and sit back and wait for some of the great opportunities. (look for the join SportScience mailing list near the bottom of the page)
UK Sport UK Sport based page, so jobs within the UK Sport network
Sports Jobs UK A twitter site with jobs as suggested. Very active. US based site. They have a twitter too.
Sports Careers US based site. They have social media galore, here is their twitter.
Sports Career Guide Canadian based site. They have a twitter. US based site. I haven’t used this one, but it may be useful, looks like you have to sign up..
Academic .
Australia’s University Jobs Australian academic and support staff jobs. They have a twitter. UK Academic Jobs. Set-up email alerts using keywords and other options.
Academic Jobs EU European based jobs in Academia. This search is for the use of keywords Sports Science. You can search around yourself.
Higher Ed Jobs US based jobs in Academia. One of numerous sites like this.

Think about the keywords that are likely to find jobs you are interested in. Keywords might include:

Exercise Physiology, Exercise Physiologist, Sport Science, Sport Scientist, Exercise Science, Research and Exercise… you get the point.

If I update this site, they should appear below here (attempting to use Delicious linkrolls):

Update: No, sorry, blogs don’t allow javascript for “security reasons”. You have to just look at my Delicious bookmarks.

If you know of anymore, let me know and I’ll add them in.

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