Cryotherapy use on recovery from, and adaptation to, muscle damage – a repeat bout modulator

Posted on August 20, 2010



Image is ice bath by g. rox

Research Spotlight – in progress

Ben Rattray, Kate Pumpa and Nick Ball

Abstract: The aim of this study is to examine the effect of ice therapy on recovery from muscle damage and subsequent adaptation to a second bout of exercise. Athletic training and exercise health interventions aim to generate changes that improve performance or health outcomes. Training aims to optimise adaptation and a balance between training stimulus and recovery must be met. Local cold pack application can decrease inflammation, aiding recovery, but its use long-term may interfere in the positive adaptations from training. This study will investigate the effects of a series of local cold pack applications (cryotherapy) on muscle performance before and after eccentric exercise.

Plain English: It is unclear if the act of putting ice on a muscle after exercise improves or obstructs adaptations to exercise. This study will measure muscle performance before and after training with and without regular ice treatment. The training used in the study will be exercise that the participants are unaccustomed to, creating some muscle soreness. The outcomes of the study are likely to influence recommendations for exercise recovery.

Image is ice bath by g. rox

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