Exercise Health resource as a student assignment

Posted on October 11, 2010


I have finally finished an Education Technology assignment which I am enrolled in through Central Queensland University.  The assignment has been hanging over my head for a little while and I’ve been struggling to get on top of a lot of things at work. But it’s done now, so its a relief. In the assignment, I designed an assignment for a unit I will be teaching next year, Metabolic Conditions. Metabolic Conditions is a central unit to the Master of Exercise Science (Clinical Exercise Physiology) which aims to develop exercise physiology professionals.

The assignment is essentially for students to create open online resources about exercise and a metabolic condition (on a wiki) for themselves, and anyone else that wants to use it. The resource will eventually become open, so anyone can edit it and hopefully it will evovle, improve and stay up to date over the years. Details of the assignment, and the resources that will be developed can be found at http://metabolicconditions.wikispaces.com/. I’m not sure I like wikispaces, so it may move, but for the moment, that’s where it is. I have until February 2011 before students will actually start to engage in it, so there is time for some evolution of the assignment itself.

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