Open Access Research Training

Posted on January 12, 2011


I’ve been working on an open access research training site on wikiversity for a few months now – Sport research on Wikiversity. It stems from being the convenor of the Bachelor of Sport Studies (Honours) at the University of Canberra. It came to my attention pretty quickly that there aren’t any good sources of information about conducting research, at least not open access online resources that have all the bits and pieces stepped out. There are lots of good resources out there though (in particular, Will Hopkin’s  A New View of Statistics is, frankly, pretty amazing) so this is my attempt in a way to accumulate as many good ones as I could, and to break the research training process into some obvious chunks, obvious to me at least.

There is still some work to go, in particular I want to add short worked activities into each module but haven’t as yet. I designed it all on wikiversity so anyone can contribute to the resource, I’m not the all knowing research training guru that’s for sure. The last few modules in particular need a bit of work and I haven’t done qualitative research enough justice because it’s not really my area. On the whole though, I’m at the stage where I’m quite happy with it. hopefully it will improve further with time and others contributing.

The research training is constructed to fit with the honours program but could benefit anyone intrested. I have constructed the following modules so far.

If you would like to contribute and add to the resource please do so. You can learn more about contributing to Wikiversity on the Welcome to Newcomers page.

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