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Eccentric treatment for diabetes?

September 2, 2010


From Research Spotlight – in progress Ben Rattray, Walter Abhayaratna*, Gordon Waddington, Tegan Meredith*, Nick Ball and Vicki Deakin Staff  *The Canberra Hospital Background: In Australia, physical inactivity is attributable to ~$400m per year in direct health care costs, although the indirect costs on society are estimated to be much higher. Physical inactivity can […]

Cryotherapy use on recovery from, and adaptation to, muscle damage – a repeat bout modulator

August 20, 2010


From Research Spotlight – in progress Ben Rattray, Kate Pumpa and Nick Ball Staff Abstract: The aim of this study is to examine the effect of ice therapy on recovery from muscle damage and subsequent adaptation to a second bout of exercise. Athletic training and exercise health interventions aim to generate changes that improve […]

Media coverage of Diabetes and exercise study

April 26, 2010


This week I was asked to do another interview for the Diabetes exercise study I have posted about previously. This was a live interview on 666 ABC Canberra radio. I think it went ok. Interview podcast The interview was stimulated by this article in the University of Canberra’s Monitor magazine.

Diabetes research in the news

January 15, 2010


Just a short blog today. This morning I had a phone call from the ABC requesting an interview regarding research we are about to undertake that I have previously blogged. I wasn’t completely caught off guard as I knew a media release was going out this morning. The University of Canberra media team had notitifed […]

Diabetes Honours Project and Scholarships

December 21, 2009


Honours research opportunity and scholarships at UCNISS