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Exercise Health resource as a student assignment

October 11, 2010


I have finally finished an Education Technology assignment which I am enrolled in through Central Queensland University.  The assignment has been hanging over my head for a little while and I’ve been struggling to get on top of a lot of things at work. But it’s done now, so its a relief. In the assignment, […]

Exercising Obesity and related education options

September 30, 2010


A few weeks ago I was asked to speak to a group of students attending the Faculty of Health at the University of Canberra about education and career options though the university. A potentially dry topic, I attempted to make it a little more interesting by talking about a common health issue in a way […]

Eccentric treatment for diabetes?

September 2, 2010


From Research Spotlight – in progress Ben Rattray, Walter Abhayaratna*, Gordon Waddington, Tegan Meredith*, Nick Ball and Vicki Deakin Staff  *The Canberra Hospital Background: In Australia, physical inactivity is attributable to ~$400m per year in direct health care costs, although the indirect costs on society are estimated to be much higher. Physical inactivity can […]

Orienteering: The Ultimate Health Sport

May 20, 2010


A fortnight ago a colleague alerted me to a Radio National interview on Exercise Matters: brain exercise. In the interview, Dr Michael Valenzuala from the School of Psychiatry at the University of New South Wales suggested that orienteering was likely to be an ideal exercise for brain health owing to simultaneous benefits of cardiovascular stress […]

Media coverage of Diabetes and exercise study

April 26, 2010


This week I was asked to do another interview for the Diabetes exercise study I have posted about previously. This was a live interview on 666 ABC Canberra radio. I think it went ok. Interview podcast The interview was stimulated by this article in the University of Canberra’s Monitor magazine.

Diabetes Honours Project and Scholarships

December 21, 2009


Honours research opportunity and scholarships at UCNISS

UCNISS Sports Studies TV advert

December 8, 2009


The UCNISS 15sec advert, currently screening on OneHD is shown below. This forms part of a renewal of courses, research and technology use within the group. Exciting times ahead.