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Work and Footy: UC and GWS

September 24, 2010


UCNISS has been talking with the newest Australian Football League franchise for a couple of months now and a couple of weeks ago the two signed an MOU. I have been lucky enough to sit on some of the talks with Team GWS. There is some potential for some interesting work and some great opportunities […]

Is Orienteering a good example of a sport? That depends on whom you ask

August 27, 2010


Originally posted on Something a little different today, a guest post from University of Melbourne student and Victorian orienteer, Clare Browridge. What is a sport? How would you explain the concept of a sport to someone? Some of the activities that are considered by at least some people to be sports seem to be […]

Orienteering: The Ultimate Health Sport

May 20, 2010


A fortnight ago a colleague alerted me to a Radio National interview on Exercise Matters: brain exercise. In the interview, Dr Michael Valenzuala from the School of Psychiatry at the University of New South Wales suggested that orienteering was likely to be an ideal exercise for brain health owing to simultaneous benefits of cardiovascular stress […]

Using google calendar for orienteering events

May 16, 2010


Lately I’ve been trying to convince others it is worthwhile changing from an existing calendar system to a google calendar system. As a result I have created three short explanatory and tutorial style videos. I include them below. Firstly, how the user can take advantage of a google calendar How the administer can simply do […]

Video reporting an orienteering event

May 11, 2010


The following are my thoughts on a skeleton for constructing an interesting report on a major orienteering event. A similar conceptual framework could be used for a written report, but I’m focusing on a video report as might be uploaded to YouTube. Thanks to Rob Fell and Rob Preston for their input. Bare these concepts […]

Orienteering and the environment

January 7, 2010


Orienteering is environmentally, a very low impact sport. There have been numerous scientific studies conducted, both in Australia and overseas, and some of these resources are provided here.

What’s in a name? – marketing a university course

December 15, 2009


One of the discussions we have within our group at the moment is what should we name one of our courses. Historically it has been named Bachelor of Coaching Science, but the recent suggestion has been to rename it to Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science (I will refer to that generally as ESS). Importantly, […]